Chitter chatter

Ok, so I've not done a blog before, but I do sometimes say things on Facebook involving opinions or pictures of vegetables, so I thought I might do that here too in case you find it interesting / want to fight me :)

Odd topic for my first one, but here goes: why is it not ok for the Queen to be happy that Scotland is remaining part of the UK? This seems to be Radio 4's leading news story today. I am happy about it, personally - and I didn't spend most summers in my life there and it wasn't where my mum lived. (Though I did spend a small but important part of it there lugging feed sacks about, herding goats and looking after sheep on a farm near the Moray Firth). I am not happy that loads of Scottish people (including some very good friends) are now sad as they've missed the chance for an exciting new start, but that is a different thing and not what the Queen was on about.

I'm pretty sure that the voting populace would feel a lot happier with politicians if they were just able to say what they actually thought more often. Isn't that why people like UKIP? Because they make simple, seemingly honest statements? Shame they have no background knowledge or experience behind them to back them up - unlike most of our other politicians, who may have plenty of that good stuff, but have lost the ability to make simple, honest statements. Sigh.

PS - I'm now on Twitter, where I promise to be less depressing :) and where I just posted a link to a fishing boat made entirely of plastic rubbish. Check it: