Thanks! everyone who came to the Warneford Chapel in Oxford last night for my split solo/band gig(s) with The DellyWellyBoot Band. It was a lovely night and nice to have so many familiar faces in the audience :) The first gig, at lunchtime, was slightly terrifying as the audience was small, quiet, far away and hard to gauge (I always find the smallest gigs the scariest!) - plus there were two heavily armed policepersons at the back through half of it! There's a first time for everything, I guess ;)

Big thanks especially to Tom, Nick and Judith for being brilliantly talented and wonderfully easy to make music with; and to the Derrington clan, for filling up the front row!

PS: No, I / we don't have a cd yet. Sorry! I promise there will be one (or two) at some point soon. Honest.