Fast, Furious, Fire: it's...Oxford Folk Weekend!

Oxford Folk Weekend this weekend was a blast, in several ways, one of which involved Oxford's Randolph Hotel catching fire and blowing up which meant my Friday night debut gig with Kismet supporting Threepenny Bit was cancelled due to fire alarm mayhem at the nearby OFS. Luckily Threepenny had another couple of successful gigs over the weekend so didn't travel from Hants for nowt. Kismet & I ate a sad curry and promised to make another gig date - watch this space!

Sunday was a hectic gig day, with a morning set with the DellyWellies in the OFS' lovely Gallery space (reopened and not alarming), with a good crowd and a decent acoustic. Tom rushed dramatically onstage just as we were starting the set, which somewhat set the tone for the rest of the day :) After scoffing a quick GF bean burger (yum) at GBK my pal ("Purple") Dave and I dashed off to meet Tom in north Oxford to rehearse for our second gig: 2.15pm in Blackwell's' Norrington Room. To be playing to a packed out and lovely audience peppered with familiar faces in the place I used to skulk and read for my PPE degree was bizarre and fun. Whinnymuir's debut gig was a success, Tom got to the stage as we were about to start (hooray!) and folk signed up to our mailing list for gig alerts. Expect the Whinnymuir album some time... err...this decade. Probably ;)

Finished my Folk Weekend with a dash to another horrifically expensive Oxford car park (I am ever more appreciative of West Oxfordshire's fabulous free parking initiative!!) and then to MAO to catch the end of the French session. Home to Finstock in time for a nice cup of tea and a sit down. Phew!