Boris Johnson is a liar

...and here's why! ENJOY :)

Listening to Boris' shambling R4 interview with Eddie Mair this week, I notice he slung in the casual passing "fact" that T-May “...won more votes than anyone since Margaret Thatcher" (…/boris-johnson-leaked-whatsap…). A quick fact-check required, methinks. 
Wikipedia yields the attached graph on the helpful page…/United_Kingdom_general_elections… :

This page tells us that in 1979, at the peak of her popularity (her first win), Thatch won 43.9% of the popular vote. *** STICK WITH ME FOLKS!!! *** This page tells me T-May won 42.3% of the pop vote on June 8th. So far, so true. But wait! What's this?! Let's look at our pretty graph again. What's that red mark in 1997? YES - it's LABOUR, with 43.2% of the popular vote. That's right - more than the Conservatives in June 2017, with the added caveat that turnout was 68.7%, compared to 71.3% in 1997 to elect Labour. So not only did more of the total PERCENTAGE vote for Tony Blair - more ACTUAL PEOPLE did too.

In conclusion: 

a) Boris - you're a LIAR and you should be ashamed of yourself.
b) based on the graph, I might re-form the Whig Party. Anti-monarchy, abolition of slavery... ...Who's with me?!