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Booking enquiries for Susanna Starling, NawpStar, The Boot Band, the Finstock Festival Band or Laveroc can be made via Facebook, Etsy or Instagram using the icons above.

There are CD EPs available of both Susanna Starling & The Boot Band. These are on sale at live shows, or you can enquire as above.


Susanna Starling's 6 track solo EP 

© Susanna Starling 2015

1. The Song of Wandering Aengus:
words by W B Yeats, arr. Susanna Starling @ 2010

2. The Bonnie Wee Lassie: trad. / inspired by Jeannie
Robertson via Martyn Bennett

3. Rosebud in June: trad. / inspired by Steve Jordan

4. Burning Lake: Susanna Starling © 2010

5. When I Was on Horseback: trad. / inspired by
Maddy Prior & Steeleye Span

6. The Grey Funnel Line: Cyril Tawney

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